STZ Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine
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STZ Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you WANXIN® STZ Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

The following is the introduction of high quality WANXIN® STZ Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine, hoping to help you better understand STZ Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!

STZ Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine

The horizontal automatic cartoning machine has a simple appearance and beautiful appearance. The overall outer casing is made of stainless steel 304, and each rotating part is covered by a casing, which will not cause harm to the human body. The overall frame is formed by welding multiple pieces as a whole, so it is not only simple and elegant, but also has a greater improvement in strength and rigidity.

Introduction to the equipment
STZ-100 horizontal automatic cartoning machine is a high-tech product integrating electromechanical, pneumatic and optical integration. It is suitable for automatic boxing of blister-shaped capsules, tablets, blister plates with aluminum-plastic packaging and similar items. The working process is the transmission of medicine plates or articles (one edition at a time, multiple editions can be adjusted); transmission of medicine instructions (automatic folding of 1-4 folds can be carried out); automatic carton forming and transmission, and the medicine plates are folded together. The manuals are put into the carton at the same time; and the complicated packaging process such as batch numbering and paper tongue sealing at both ends is automatically completed. This machine can be connected with a blister packaging machine to form a packaging line (heatable glue machine).

The Functions and features of this cartoning machine
1. PLC automatic control, frequency conversion speed regulation, electrical components adopt internationally renowned electrical appliances brands.
2. Using man-machine interface operating system.
3. Automatic display of faults, packing speed and finished product count.
4. The function of automatic detection of missed installation and removal of medicine board and manual.
5. Stable performance and easy to understand operation.
6. No product, no manual, no manual, no paper box.
7. When there is no product or the product supply is not in place, the machine will run idling without pushing the product. When the product is restored to supply, it will run automatically, and the product will stop automatically when the product is not in place.
8. It will stop automatically if there is no paper box, and it will stop automatically without manual.
9. It is convenient to change different product specifications.
10. The main drive has an overload protection device.
11. This machine can be used alone or in conjunction with a blister packaging machine and other equipment to form a complete production line. 

Main technical variable of WANXIN®  STZ Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine:

Model STZ-100 STZ-120
Cartoning Speed (PCS/MIN) 30-80 30-120
Carton Thickness (GSM) 250-300 300-350
Carton Size (MM) (70-350)×(50-190)×(20-100) (50-210)×(30-90)×(15-60)
Manual Thickness (GSM) 50-65 60-75
Manual Unfolding Size (MM) (80-300)×(70-210) (80-300)×(70-210)
Manual Folding Size (MM) (70-210)×(20-40) (70-210)×(20-40)
Air Pressure (MPA) 0.5-0.7 0.5-0.7
Air Consumption (L/MIIN) 120-160 120-160
Power Supply 220V-50/60HZ 220V-50/60HZ
Main Motor Power (KW) 1.5 1.5
Diemension (MM) 4150×1350×1800 3100×1100×1900
Weight (KG) 2000 1200

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