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Paper Bag Making Machine

Our company's latest research and development of a new type of automatic high-speed paper bag making machine from roll paper to puncture, upper side glue, tube forming, bag cutting, bottom folding, paste bottom, finished bag output is completed at one time. The new machine is more convenient to operate, more efficient and more stable. It is an ideal equipment for producing different paper food bags, bread bags, medical bags, dried fruit bags and other environmentally friendly paper bags.

This paper bag making machine has the advantages of fast speed, high production efficiency, and large adjustment range. It is a new type of equipment that is improved by combining the shortcomings of similar domestic products. This equipment is to complete the original color or printed web by this machine at one time. Glue is folded into a tube, the paper tube is cut, the bottom is glued, the bottom of the paper is formed, and the bag is discharged. The whole machine is controlled by a computer central control system, touch screen display, and servo motor controls the paper bag length, up to 220 bags per minute. Reduced labor costs and is the preferred equipment for paper bag production and processing.

The paper bag making machine material loading and unloading adopts hydraulic lifting structure, unwinding adopts automatic tension control, The side glue adopts pneumatic automatic glue application, Paper tube former guarantee letter thumb button function (located under the forming template), Automatic shutdown when no material is detected, The center clamp finger, drum clamp, and drum mechanical finger all use spider-type synchronous adjustment mechanical design, which can greatly reduce the adjustment time for changing dimensions, we using German KEB servo with big brother SICK photoelectric to accurately track printed materials. All machine equipped with automatic glue supply system, blocking alarm system.
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