China's bag making machine industry has a huge market potential


At present, the volume of packaging waste in large and medium-sized cities in China accounts for nearly half of all municipal solid waste and one-third of the weight. It has become a major and urgent task to promote green packaging and reduce the pollution caused by packaging. The standard content is not reasonable and perfect; The standards are not coordinated and systematic; Heavy form, operability poor.

Bag making machine is a kind of plastic machinery equipment, its application related to food, chemical industry, medicine and many other important industries of national economy and people's livelihood, the application is very wide, in order to meet our food supplies behind, is a huge bag making machine packaging machine bag making machine market.

According to the survey report of China Bag making machine and Packaging Bag Making Machine Industry Association, in 2010, the total industry value of China's food and packaging bag making machine reached 130 billion yuan, while the market demand reached 200 billion yuan. Bag making machine as a flexible packaging equipment, has a huge market potential and a good exhibition space.

Bag making machine in our country from the research, development, application development has only more than 20 years of history, it is on the basis of the introduction of foreign equipment, through the digestion and absorption, from early can only produce 400 mm wide, speed only 20 meters per minute of bag making machine equipment, to now can produce speed below 150 meters, width 1000 mm per minute and the guidance of, and a variety of more than 100 pieces per minute (fully automatic bag making machine, and provides gist for the development of the domestic soft packaging industry equipment.

With the rapid development in recent years, China, as one of the powerful countries today, may become a real global packaging industry center in the future under the environment of a large global trade market, and promote industrial cluster development and technological progress. Therefore, China's right of discourse and rule-making power in the world packaging industry must be enhanced. The current situation of the standardization level of China's packaging industry cannot meet the actual needs of the rapid development of the industry, and it is urgent to improve the standardization level of the whole industry to realize the transformation from "big" to "strong" packaging.

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