How to deal with the poor heat sealing strength of the bag making machine in the production process?


Bag-making machine is rare in daily life, but the products derived from bag-making machine are a large number. Life is full of bags, plastic bags, packaging bags and so on. The function of the bag is to pack the product and place the product. If there is no bag, you can only hold the product by hand, which is very inconvenient. For example, if you can't use a bag for takeout, all takeout is just a box. It's a creepy idea. So, the bag has stepped into the daily life dribs and drabs. The bag making machine is the equipment that produces the bag. It is very common for equipment to fail during operation.

1, choose the heat insulation aging to promote the adhesive hardening, which can improve the compression strength and temperature resistance of the composite bag.

2. When selecting the heat sealing standard, it shall be selected according to the structure of composite plastic film, heat sealing condition, etc., or improve the heat sealing method, and cool down immediately after the heat sealing.

3. Regularly maintain the storage life and storage standards of the heat-sealed film, and pay attention to the old production batch number or the heat-sealed film.

4. Improve the thickness of the heat sealing film.

5. Change the type of thermal sealing film and select the inner sealing film with anti-fouling thermal sealing property.

6. Improve the hot-melt characteristics of the heat-sealed layer.

7. Check the solution level of the thermal cover after heat sealing, and adjust the appropriate heat sealing temperature.